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Monica Whitlock is a Boston, Brooklyn and Nashville USA-based biracial/ black singer-songwriter




Her music focuses on the journey of using her voice to unapologetically express and empathize with her past experiences. 

Shining at the forefront of the music scene, Monica Whitlock embarked on an innovative music career in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. From an early age, Whitlock always knew that music was life’s calling. Throughout childhood, Whitlock posted original compositions to YouTube and BandCamp through DIY methods of recordings. 


In 2019, Whitlock started performing her work at local venues and soon created quite a buzz in Boston MA and beyond. This took her across the country to Music City - Nashville TN. That year, Whitlock frequently traveled to Nashville TN on weekends to participate in workshops and writers rounds, leading her to fall in love with her craft further. Since then, Whitlock has worked with Shannon Mcarthur (Dashboard Confessional, Jesse Mcartney) on her most recent single, "JACK+ROSE" as well as her debut five track EP: "Promise You'll Stay Long Enough to Hear This" in partnership with Fueled By Passion Publishing.


Today, Whitlock owns a proud 400+ song catalog. The name Monica Whitlock is synonymous with engaging  live performances and mind-blowing recordings. 


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