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Let the Music Tell the Story
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Monica Whitlock's 250+ song catalog

explores a spectrum of emotions,

from life's challenges, 

healing and recovery.








"Promise You'll Stay Long Enough to Hear This"

"This five track EP that serves as a letter

to my past self. After dealing with various traumas including

suicide attempts— I now, at age 25,

am able to reflect back on girl I was and empathize with her.

I can hold her hand and show her,

that she survived and there’s so much more to this than

she knows"

1. Parchment Paper

The concept of Parchment Paper is a letter to my past self. Struggling with childhood trauma,

my biracial/black identity, mental health, self harm among others— the theme of sudden

independence, obtaining a driver's license, is a symbol and metaphor of hope.

2. Anymore

Anymore depicts a series of last moments and thoughts during the detachment, and withdrawal

from a trauma bond. Unlearning the codependency and chemical attachment abusive

relationships brand you, was one of the hardest parts about recovery. The affirmation of “i come

first” is the foundation to the power I regained.

3. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is the concept of letting go, and freeing yourself from past experiences. The

battle between moving forward vs moving on was the thesis behind the impact and emotional


4. Jack+Rose

Jack+Rose illustrates the impact of a trauma bond in the midst of abuse. The chemical

dependency of the codependency, regardless of abuse and infidelity is depicted in a familiar,

genre bending discussion about mental health and surviving domestic violence.

5. March1997

March1997 is the last page of a story I thought would never have an ending. Learning the

power of writing, and how although I could not control the outcome of the situation, I had full

control of the narrative of what came after. Because of how horrible the abuse was— I now

understand that I will never run out of things to write about, because of this.



Release Date: 09.23.22

Artist: Monica Whitlock 

Producer: Shannon McArthur

Label: FBP Publishing Group



























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