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Electronic Press Kit(EPK)
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Monica Whitlock is a New England, USA-based biracial/black singer-songwriter. Her music focuses on the journey of using her voice to unapologetically express and empathize with her past experiences. 


"Her songs go so far beyond what I tend to expect from young singer/songwriters (a cliched take on the angst of young love/loss, etc.) Her work has a mastery and an emotional depth that is impressive, and her songs convey real emotion. I had tears listening to her album of stories."  ~Section36

From the thriving music scene of New England, Monica Whitlock is a compelling pop performer who deftly incorporates indie pop aspects into her work. Whitlock's music has a devoted fanbase thanks to his raw, emotional voice and lyrics that explore the depths of the human experience. The 2023 New England Music Award nominee has the distinct style of pop music transports listeners on an adventure by fusing upbeat melodies with reflective and thought-provoking lyrics. Whitlock's exceptional talent for capturing complex emotions in her song, including love, sadness, and self-discovery, is simply astounding.

Whitlock draws inspiration from a variety of musical genres, and his music is known for its catchy hooks and accessible storytelling. Her melodies deftly combine the accessibility of mainstream music with the reflection and honesty of indie pop to produce a sound environment that is both recognizable and novel.

With her candid exploration of the highs and lows of the human experience, Whitlock's music invites listeners to enter a realm of openness and reflection. She has established herself as a rising star in the pop music industry, winning over audiences all over the world with her alluring vocals and accessible lyrics.

"Monica Whitlock shines out as a unique and genuine voice in a field overrun with cookie-cutter pop artists. As she continues to create waves in the mainstream and indie music genres, her unique ability to connect with listeners on a profound emotional level makes her an artist to watch."~

"Whitlock's specific and evocative lyrics and impressive vocals, ranging equally between a raw, lamenting quality and impressive high tempo expression are primary to the artists storytelling." ~Broadway World

Today, Whitlock owns a proud 400+ song catalog.

"Whitlock has established her own unique style and positioning as an artist who has found her own spot for creative expression with down-to-earth honesty. She is always in motion on expanding her catalog of music and content, and is a unique and impactful songwriter." ~A&R Factory

"Monica Whitlock, with her ethereal echoing vocals, creates an intimate space where listeners can't help but feel a deep personal connection. Her voice, with its haunting reverberations, seems to transcend the ordinary, allowing us to hear not just the music, but the very thoughts and emotions behind it. From soft breathy vocals to explosive ballad style runs, her songs create an intimate connection, inviting the listener to hear not only the melodies but the very essence of her thoughts and feelings. As she articulates her lyrical introspections, it's as though we are privy to the inner workings of her mind, feeling the weight of every word as it's carefully chosen and delivered." ~Performers on the Go

Monica Whitlock


Boston, MA  | Nashville, TN

I Am Here Once

July, 2024

Cover Art I AM HERE ONCE.jpg

Monica Whitlock's 400+ song catalog explores a spectrum of emotions, from life's challenges and healing and recovery.




I Am Here Once




"Roanoke ft The Riflery"

"Virgo Moon"


Promise You'll Stay Long Enough to Hear This



"Parchment Paper"


"Marilyn Monroe"



Demos from June


"Cut It (Demo Version)"

"Paisley (Demo Version)"

"Jameson Christofer (Demo Version)" 

"HudsonRd (Demo Version)"



"Carharttt" 2024

"Hudson Road"2024

"Jameson Christopher" 2024

"Things I Didn't Get to Say When You Were Still Alive" 2023


"Sleeping Pills"2023

"" 2023

"Re: White Sweater" 2023

"I wasn't going to release but I miss her so bad"2023

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