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DIY Acoustic/Alternative genre bending sounds of healing, womanhood and story telling.

Monica Whitlock is a 25 year old BIPOC/Queer singer/songwriter from Boston MA. Her music focuses on finding and using her voice to express her experiences with healing from mental health challenges, racism and the impact of rape culture. 

With a 250+ song catalog, Whitlock is able to dive into her traumatic experiences as a way to heal and release. Whitlock has worked with Shannon Mcarthur (Dashboard Confessional, Jesse Mcartney) on her most recent single, "JACK+ROSE" as well as her upcoming five track EP: "Promise You'll Stay Long Enough to Hear This" (12/2022).

Although Whitlock is a gifted songwriter, she also has an avid love of performing. Whitlock is an active artist who frequents performing at house, basement and club shows across the East Coast. Most recently, Whitlock sold out opening for EMONIGHT at The Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA, as well as selling out her custom vinyl session at Leevstall Studios in Brooklyn, NY in 2021.


"Her songs go so far beyond what I tend to expect from young singer/songwriters (a cliched take on the angst of young love/loss, etc.) Her work has a mastery and an emotional depth that is impressive, and her songs convey real emotion. I had tears listening to her album of stories" (Section36)

"Whitlock has established her own unique style and positioning as an artist who has found her own spot for creative expression with down-to-earth honesty. She is always in motion on expanding her catalogue of music and content, and is a unique and impactful songwriter" (Performers on the Go)

"Whitlock's specific and evocative lyrics and impressive vocals, ranging equally between a raw, lamenting quality and impressive high tempo expression are primary to the artists storytelling" (Broadway World Music).






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Artist: Monica Whitlock

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Emo/Indie

Location: Boston, MA 

Contact Information

Official Website: www.iammonicawhitlock.com

Contact Info: iammonicawhitlock@gmail.com


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Monica Whitlock's 250+ song catalog explores a spectrum of emotions, from life's challenges and healing and recovery.




"JACK+ROSE" (2022)




















"Promise You'll Stay Long Enough to Hear This" EP:


1. Parchment Paper

2. Anymore

3. Marilyn Monroe

4. Jack+Rose

5. March1997